The Research & Development department is focused on the development of cutting-edge formulations and the improvement of existing products to advance the company's range and capabilities.  

The innovations that emerge from Haogenplast's R & D initiatives position
the company to deliver products that combine powerful structural and
aesthetic characteristics, while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

The company invests a substantial proportion of revenues to R & D,
combined with more than 50 years of experience and knowledge in the field,
the world's most advanced lab and technological equipment, and a dedicated
team of engineers, production technicians and marketing specialists who 
contribute  to the development process.

Sample products are calendered at our fully-equipped pilot plant to check tensile strength, chemical resistance and other technical properties. The product development process includes lab simulations of accelerated weathering, UV and thermal exposure, and industrial exposure. With the capability to develop and test large ranges of pilot products in-house, Haogenplast is positioned to evaluate new developments according to applicability and compatibility with the client's needs. The team also welcomes joint development and cooperation with clients to ensure an optimal finished product.

The company's extensive technical knowledge and expertise allows for the in-house adaptation of machinery to meet Haogenplast's dynamic production and development needs. The advancements in vinyl formulations and production techniques achieved by the R & D department are a testament to the commitment, drive and creativity that are an integral part of the company's character.