Quality & design
The perfect combination of quality and aesthetics, Haogenplast's vinyl products meet the highest international standards of quality, and are available in an attractive range of popular contemporary designs and colors.

Customer Focus
Products and solutions are fully customized to meet the client's requirements. Haogenplast possesses in-house capabilities for PVC printing, for guaranteed quality, consistency, and fast turnaround times.

Haogenplast supplies superior products to clients all over the world, with a global network of distributors in Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, the US and many more locations.

R & D
Haogenplast has a dedicated, in-house R & D department, which advances the company's product range with new, exciting developments and innovations. The department is equipped with cutting-edge hi-tech lab equipment, and enjoys support from Israel's Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor.

Haogenplast is strongly committed to environmental protection, reflected in its recycling policies and ISO 14001 & ISO 50001 accreditation. The company is fully compliant with the EU REACH regulation.